High School Session Chazown #1

Session 1: Finding Your Chazown

God’s life process= nowhere to somewhere to know where. This happens as we become aware of Him and His plan and purpose for our life.

Read Proverbs 29:18. Also ponder Jeremiah 29:11

Chazown= vision…dream. What would you describe as your vision or dream personally?

What do you see? What do you want to see? And what is being seen as your main pursuit? If people were to evaluate what it seems your dream in life seems to be, what would they say?

If money was no object or barrier, what would you do with your life? If your team could do anything or accomplish something great this next year, what would that be?

What is self-centered about the way you live? What is self-centered about your life? What is self-centered about your goals?

How do our goals, dreams and pursuits cheapen Christ’s purchase of our lives?

Why was Jesus so effective? He knew his reason for life: Luke 19:10, John 10:18

My Father determines my mission. John 10:10 How have you seen God determine your mission? How is it being played out in your life even today?

Start living with this phrase on your heart and mind: One Purpose On Purpose


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