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At New Vision Church we have a student ministry that is engaged and immersed in the WORD and the WORLD. Our students have the opportunities to serve at home and overseas in mission projects living out our Lord’s commission to “go make disciples”. Our students seek Christ and we provide meaningful, insightful Bible studies and experiences for them to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


To cultivate a community of faith where students discover Christ and become passionate worshippers utilizing their unique gifts in service for the Kingdom of God.


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  1. Hello Pastor Lockhart,

    Does New Vision have a separate worship service or bible study group for the youth (M.S.) & H.S. students during the Sunday morning (adult) worship?



    1. We will definitely have meetings for students on Saturday nights during service. Sundays we have not set a definite yet as I have to locate other people who can cover the Bible Study when I am not able to be in town. For now, we will have meetings with each group on Sundays when I am present and hopefully be able to offer it all the time in the future.

      Students will be in the service for worship with the band and then dismiss once Alan comes up to speak. I or someone else would take the M.S. or H.S. students to back for games, Bible Study and discussion.

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